The Biscuit Factory Wedding // Love in the Toon

Ahhhh what can I say about this biscuit factory wedding, except that it was all kinds of amazing!

For starters it was in Newcastle, the greatest city on earth. Secondly it was in an Art Gallery, how cool is that!

Emma and Steve both got ready at Malmaison, where I popped between rooms for pictures of both parties getting ready, before heading over to The Biscuit Factory for the ceremony.

We got to go out for some pictures, near some cool coloured buildings before heading inside for speeches and the meal.
After that came the amazing band, a busy dance-floor and plenty of shots!

The Biscuit Factory Wedding

When I asked about how they came to decide on their wedding venue and date, Emma and Steve said this:

“We wanted somewhere contemporary and in the city centre. When we went to visit The Biscuit Factory we both loved it immediately….it was different to anywhere we had ever attended a wedding before. And Jon the event planner was brilliant!

We wanted a modern city wedding because we’re both big city people. We love living in Newcastle so wanted something that represented that and gave our guests (especially those who travelled from elsewhere) an idea of how great Newcastle is.

We chose January because I don’t do well in the heat…think red sweaty face and frizzy hair! Plus everyone needs something nice to look forward to after Christmas!”

The Wedding

“Our Favourite part of the day was being surrounded by all of the people we love and knowing that they were purely there for us and to celebrate one of the most amazing days of our lives.”

I asked these guys how they found having their pictures taken, and if they had any advice for future couples when it comes to planning a wedding!

We loved it!… Most of the time we didn’t even realise our picture was being taken! That’s exactly what we wanted from our photos though….

The Un-Staged and Natural shots are always the best!

Tips for other couples… Daz! But also, make sure you meet up with your photographer prior to booking.

It’s really important you build up a relationship with your photographer as they’re going to be a massive part of your day.

We immediately felt at ease with Daz and both knew we would be booking him….even though we tried to play it cool! (Awh Shucks)

Don’t get overwhelmed during the day as it passes by in the blink of an eye. Take some time out just the two of you to stand back and look at what is going on around you. Look out for those little moments between your guests which you might not see if you’re busy trying to arrange and manage things. Delegate all responsibility on the day so that you can just enjoy it!


Light up Letters – Coco Luminaire
PhotoBooth – Snaparazzi
Hotel – Malmaison
Venue – The Biscuit Factory
Hair – Lisa Jones
Cake – Marie Antoinette Cakes
Dress – Accent Original
Bridesmaid Dresses – Here come the Bridesmaids
Flowers – Floral Quarter
Video – Macvean Video
Music – AMV with Union Street
Stationary – Victorias Paperie
Cars – Campbell Wedding Cars

Aw Yeahhh!! What a day! I hope you can take plenty away from this and that you love the pictures!
Daz Mack x

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