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“This guy here! Bow down to all that is the incredible Daz Mack! THANK YOU Daz for being a cool human…& a legit photographer! You fit right in with our families & apparently, you’ve been adopted by Big Hoke!

(Hey friends, if you need photos…he might be willing to travel…he’s easily persuaded by good burgers!)”

– Rennee and James

I’m going to be there with you all day, so we can have some laughs, your parents will love me and your guests will be totally comfortable and not worried about having a camera shoved in their face!” 

Oh man! What a ride! Rennee and James both flew over from Charleston, South Carolina, to have their wedding at Walworth Castle in the North East.

I absolutely loved these guys and their families. It is my absolute dream to photograph a wedding in America, and Charleston sounds like the place to do it. Best Fried Chicken plus best burgers?! Thats the dream!

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My Full Day wedding coverage, including flights and hotel is $3945. That literally means Full Day, there is no time limits.

Let me judge which side of the Atlantic parties best!

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