Who Is Daz Mack !?

This is just for you guys!
Get on your Dancing Shoes…
First of all, Thank you SO much for choosing me to photograph your wedding. This probably sounds really cheesy, but it means so much that you’ve loved me and my work enough to let me be a part of your amazing day.

There is some useful information below with any tips and advice that I have to give, along with some links to your galleries, which will eventually be filled with pictures!

It goes without saying, but you can contact me anytime you like, whether that’s a text, email, phone call or a knock on the door (you creep). Whether its a questions you have, maybe you need to let me know something, or you just want a chat, I’m here!

1. So What Now?
Woohoo! We’re all booked up!

If you would like to make any changes to you current booking, such as adding an Engagement Session or Album, just drop me an email and I’ll update everything.

We’ll be keeping in touch with each other between now and your wedding, but I’ll give you a call around a week before the big day for final timings and schedule.

2. Invoices, Contracts and Booking Forms
I’ve tried to make everything super easy by keeping it all in one place. You can find any of your forms by clicking this link:

Final payments are due on the 1st of the month prior to your wedding.

You can make a payment for any amount, any time you like and you’ll receive an automatic reminder for the remaining amount on the due date.

3. Galleries and Links
How exciting!

Once your pictures are ready to be viewed an photo will replace my logo on this page, this will be a link to your gallery!

If you decide to book an Engagement Shoot, it will be linked from this page too!

Passwords will be the same as what you have used to get onto this page!

Feel free to share these links with any Family and Friends. There will be also options to buy Prints from your gallery.

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