A Crook Hall Wedding // I Like Star Wars Too!


Yo Yo Yo! Its ya boi Daz Mack coming at’cha with a hot and fresh new blog, once again at one of my favourite venues, Crook Hall and Gardens!

Naomi and Jake had their wedding here last Autumn, and what a cool and fun day it was! These guys put on an absolute feast for their guests, and were totally game for pictures (100 cool points). We also got to go out on the night and I “made” them lightsaber battle for the title of “Ultimate Geek”.


Crook Hall and Gardens


“We hadn’t been a couple very long when we first visited Crook Hall  but we immediately knew there was something special about it! We fell head over heels in love with the little nooks and crannies in the Medieval Hall and loved getting lost in the gardens so when it came to choosing the wedding venue. There was only one option and that was Crook Hall and Gardens!

“The wedding gave us the perfect opportunity to unleash the geek!”

We never have been a traditional couple so when it came to our wedding theme we let our imaginations run wild!

As we are both huge lovers of autumn and Halloween we therefore decided on a rustic autumnal theme with more autumn leaves, pumpkins and twinkly lights than you could shake a stick at! Our florist and the staff at Crook Hall made our wedding look like an autumn wonderland and we were absolutely blown away with how magical it looked.

Also anybody who knows us knows how much of a sucker we are for anything geeky. That mean the wedding gave us the perfect opportunity to unleash the geek! From photo booth props to table settings and even a newlyweds light saber battle, we had plenty of geeky easter eggs throughout the day which all of our guests absolutely loved!”


Crook Hall Wedding Photos


Our wedding photos were completely flawless! We always wanted candid photos on our special day that captured all of the fun, happiness and love that filled the room throughout the day and night.

It was amazing to see everyone so relaxed and enjoying themselves as Daz did his thing with the camera…he is like a ninja, you don’t even realise he’s there! Most importantly, we had so much fun and loved every minute spent with Daz taking our newlywed photos. At no point did we feel at all uncomfortable…in fact I think we got a little too comfortable and carried away. Cue the light sabre battle as a result.

Our tips for future couples would be just to relax and enjoy every single second of your incredibly special day and trust the amazing dude behind the camera…he will capture every moment perfectly without fail!


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