Elopement Wedding Photographer

Hey there! I’ve created this page to help if you’re looking for an elopement wedding photographer!

As well as photographing regular sized weddings, I also offer beposoke packages for more intimate and smaller weddings. I’ve travelled to the likes of Manchester, Scotland and Durham for elopement weddings, with couples from France and Japan too!

Some of these included a small handful of family members, and some only had two witnesses as guests, so I’ve had experience in all sizes of weddings!

Each wedding is different and I totally understand that, which is why we will do what you want to do! You might want to get pictures in a city centre, or climb a fell in the lake district, and that is great, lets do it! Each package will be for exactly what you need!

You’ve probably seen from my website that my photography is a lot more fun and relaxed, concentrating on things that are actually happening, rather than just making you look and smile at my camera.

How far will you travel?

I’ll travel as far as you want me to! From Scotland, to the Lake District and Sussex, I’ve litterally travelled the entire country for weddings. I also cover Elopements and weddings abroad, with my most recent being in Rhodes.

Can you be a witness?

Absolutely, if you would like me to be a witness for you, and the person officiating the ceremony is happy, I’ll be there!

Whats included?

As with all of my other wedding photography packages, your pictures will come in a wooden handmade presentation box with a USB and a selection of prints. There will also be a private online gallery (perfect to share with family and friends that weren’t there), and all travel will be included in your package price.

What’s the minimum amount of time you will photograph?

I’m totally happy to go along with your plans. Maybe you only want the ceremony photographing, or maybe you want to go and get some amazing pictures up a mountain, or in the city afterwards. Eitherway I’ll tailor the quote to suit your time needs. There is no minimum or maximum!

If you are looking for an elopement wedding photographer please use the form below to get in touch! Use the box to send me as much details of possible and I can get a package put together for you!

 Want a Brochure? Just fill in the box below!


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