Tips for your Engagement Shoot

Sooooo… I’ve decided to write this lush little blog post about getting the most from your engagement shoot (couples shoot, love shoot, whatever the kids are calling it these days), and pretty much (hopefully) give you all the information you need to help you relax and get excited about it! If you’ve seen images you like on pinterest, you should definitely send them over or take them on the engagement shoot.

I know it can be pretty daunting at the thought of being photographed for over an hour, so I want you to know how relaxed it will be, I make it super easy and chilled out with my comical genius and witty banter.

Couples Shoots are a great way of getting comfortable in front of the camera, and it’s a great taster of what we can do on the wedding day. This way you know what to expect, and don’t end up overthinking it! Plus we get to hangout, always a bonus. So buckle up for these tips for your engagement shoot.


tips for engagement shoot

What shall we wear?

I get asked about this a lot, so it seemed like the right place to start! What should you wear for an Engagement Shoot? The honest answer is… Whatever you want!

I guess it comes down to where we are going for your shoot, and what you feel comfortable in. I wouldn’t reccomend high heels in the woods, or fur coats at the beach.

One piece of advice I always give to people is to imagine that it’s a date! I guess on a date down the beach, you’d know how you would want to dress, and would be comfortable, so go with that.

Of course feel free to bring along some changes and “props” too. You might want to change tops or cardigans to mix up pictures a bit, or maybe bring a hat for some of the pictures, this is totally cool with me and helps to mix things up a little.

The odd shawl or blanket doesn’t go a miss too, if you want to get some pictures sat down or relaxing in a field somewhere, let’s do it!


Where shall we go?

I do have a few spots that I use, which I know will have nice light, or nice back drops at certain parts of the day, but I love exploring and discovering new places. If you have a place in mind then definitely let me know about it, or even tell me what type of shoot you’d like and we can look for somewhere together.

Just have a think about what you’d like from the pictures, and what normally catches your eye, whether that’s at the beach or on the Moors, you’ll probably have a good idea of the type of images you are drawn to.

I’ve had shoots in derelict buildings, in the sea, on the moors, in forests, it’s completely up to you what you’d like to go for, so don’t think anything is out of the question!


What will happen at the shoot?

I think this is the bit people get most nervous about, purely because they don’t really know what’s going to happen or what to expect.

You’ve probably chosen me because of my amazingness, but also because I have a relaxed approach to photography and keep things simple, Couples Shoots are no different!

I’m not going to have you awkwardly posing or smiling for the camera, I’ll get you focusing on each other and forgetting I’m even there (I’ll probably be in a bush photographing you, so it will actually be like I’m not actually there).

I’ll give you some slight advice on how to stand or move you about a little to get things looking great, so don’t worry about practicing cuddles at home (you should know how to cuddle already).

I’ll also tell you when to snog, I’m not a creep though its just for the pictures… honest.


What happens with the pictures?

They’re all yours! Once edited I’ll send you a link to download the pictures straight to you computer.

They’re not watermarked so you can use them as you like and print them to your hearts content (please get them printed, don’t leave them sat on a computer forever).


tips for engagement shoot


I think I’ve covered everything here that you might need to know, and I really hope it has helped and got you to relax a little before your shoot. If you have any other questions please do get in touch and ask me! I’ll even add it onto here to help other couples out!

All the love
Daz Mack x


engagement shoot tips


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