Natural Wedding Photography – Daz Mack

I won’t bore you too much by trying to explain my exact style of wedding photography, but you could class me as a natural, or documentary wedding photographer.

I like to keep things relaxed and fun, and let things happen as they naturally would. I’ve seen some photographers stopping the couple as they are walking down the aisle. Ewww … this is definitely not my approach.

Other than formal family groups pictures (if you’d like them) we will take about twenty minutes or so for the three of us to go off and wonder around the venue or nearby.”

I’ll get some pictures of the two of you having a snog or a little cuddle while I watch from a bush, and that’s about the only time I’ll be giving you some direction.

The rest of the day will be spent capturing people having an amazing time, laughing, drinking, dancing, crying( happy tears).

That doesn’t mean I won’t be approachable though, I’m not going to be out of the way and creeping about all day, I’ll be in amongst it, getting the great action shots form up close, instead of being the weird ginger hiding at the back of the room!

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“Daz fitted in to our wedding so well. Our guests thought that he was just another guest. We didn’t even notice him taking photos. I would recommend Daz Mack to everyone.”

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