Oaklands Wedding // Hull Wedding


Hiyaaaa, I’ve got this lovely Oaklands Wedding of Natalie and Tom which was totally relaxed and loads of fun!

I went to Natalie and Toms house for pictures of Natalie getting ready with her bridesmaid, and then we headed over to the beautiful Oaklands for an outdoor wedding ceremony, and then an amazing party in their huge Tipi!!

I asked Natalie and Tom about their wedding and how they pulled off such a lush day and they sent back the following! Enjoy!


Oaklands Wedding Venue

We chose Oaklands after looking round so many other venues and not particularly liking them and not really finding anything that suited us!

We’d almost signed a contract with a marquee company but the contract had the wrong date on and while we waited for them to send us the replacement a flyer came into my work advertising Oaklands.

We visited it and I got goose-pimples when we pulled up I knew that this was the place to marry Tom! It was stunning with the tipis and the jetty into the lake where the wedding ceremony was to be held.


The Wedding

I’d been mulling over the fact I’d quite like my mum to join my dad in giving me away for a while as I feel like they’ve both been there for me my whole life and have been supportive and I think sometimes the “mother of the bride” gets no real role in the day.

My mum is not very confident and I didn’t think she’d agree but when I asked if she’d contemplate it she said of course she would! So I had my lovely pops on one side and my mum on the other (double protection in case I fell!).


Tom always said he wanted the day to “be like a party not a wedding” so we wanted everything relaxed and easy going and one thing we really wanted was to be outdoors as much as possible.

Our first dance song was quite unique. I’m a bit of a McFly fan (happy to admit they’re my guilty pleasure) and I fell in love with a cover of one of their songs “Love is on the Radio” which Tom Fletcher (from McFly) did with his wife, Giovanna, for his YouTube channel.

I thought it was such a beautiful version and the words of the song just fit perfectly to how I feel about Tom (my Tom, not the one from McFly haha) it gives me goosebumps and makes me well up whenever I hear it!


The tipis were decorated with bunting and paper lanterns and didn’t really need anything else as they were beautiful on their own, I’d bought some wicker hearts from Primark and put a few of those up and some wicker heart fairy lights.

I also saved jars for a few months (and asked ladies at work to do the same for me!) from pasta sauces, olives and coffee and decorated them with twine, ribbon and fake flowers to put flowers in for the table decorations, I wanted things quite simple and pretty.

I also made my name cards myself and the table plan board, it didn’t turn out quite how I had envisaged but I liked the fact it looked “homemade”!

One of the most memorable parts was probably one of Tom’s best men doing one of our readings of “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News (you know the one, from Back To The Future, one of our favourite films).

It took us a while to decide on readings as we didn’t want anything cheesy and as a joke Tom said what about turning the song into a reading and we laughed and then after reading the words we thought it was quite pretty really and decided for a bit of a laugh we’d get Lewis to read it during the ceremony.

It made lots of people laugh when it dawned on them what it was (we also walked back down the aisle to the song).


Wedding Photography


Daz Mack is an absolute gem of a human being, one of the nicest people we’ve ever met!

He has a way of making you feel like you’re just having a laugh with a mate and then you forget you’re having your picture taken so his shots are natural and relaxed and then your mind is blown when you see his final product.


Tips for Future couples


Make sure you get your groom on-board with everything and do all the planning together! Tom and I planned everything together and we stuck to the ideas and plans we wanted without having our minds changed by other people’s views.

It’s your day so do what makes you happy, there are no rules as to what you should or shouldn’t do, so do what makes the both of you smile.

Also, take time to appreciate the amazing day that you’ve put together and have 5 minutes with each other to give each other a high 5 for putting together an awesome wedding!


Oaklands Wedding Pictures


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