I had a lush time in Sheffield on Saturday for Emma and Mattys wedding at Smallshaw Farm Cottages in Sheffield. This was an amazing wedding with an Outdoor ceremony on the grounds of the cottages, followed by a lovely reception in a Marquee which Emma and Matty Decorated themselves.

Right after the ceremony, the craziest lightening storm hit and everyone had to run mid photo for shelter in the marquee, and after that it was literally back to sunny blue skies after the speeches.

I’ve never seen a wall of rain head across the hillside and be able to watch it heading toward me before! What an experience!

There was some delicious cakes and doughnuts (I obviously had to sample them to make sure they were okay) along with an epic playlist that reminded my of Tony Hawks Pro Skater and took me back to my teenage years. To top it all off we had a gorgeous Sunset which you’ll be able to see in the pictures below!

All the love!

Daz x