21 Top Suppliers Weddings Tips


That’s right, you heard it here first, I’ve gathered tips and advice from twenty one of the North East’s finest wedding suppliers to help you plan, book, meet, allocate, visit, arrange all of your wedding needs, easily and stress free, to help you make the most of your wedding day!

Sounds good right!?

Daz Mack x

The Venue

I reached out to two lush venues which I love photographing at for their tips for couples, both when looking for a venue, and on the wedding day itself.

Wharfedale Grange – www.wharfedalegrange.co.uk

“A practical tip from us…make sure your guests can get home! Nothing puts a dampener on the day quite like having to wait 2 and a half or 3 hours outside for a taxi when the venue closes!

Here at Wharfedale Grange we’ve a private hire firm just 5 minutes away plus in the opposite direction, Harrogate is just 10 minutes away.
You should also be looking for exclusivity. An eye for detail. And luxury written all over it!”


Carolyn from Danby Castle – www.eskvalleyweddings.com – says this:
“When looking for a venue check what is included within your venue hire and food costs. If you are not having a ‘set package, then ask for a fully itemised quote detailing each cost per person.
Please do not accept one overall price as if your numbers change, you will want to know exactly how it will affect you financially.
Secondly spend time together!! It is your wedding day and we really want you to enjoy it together. This is why we always suggest you walk back down the aisle, into the Jury Room and have your drinks and canapes alone, whilst swapping stories of what happened the night before and whilst getting ready.
After all, you have just got married! That is so exciting and sometimes you need a few moments to let it sink in, before you come downstairs to your families and friends!”

The Rings

Hamilton and Lewis are a North East based Jewellery company I’ve worked with before. They can supply the diamonds and bands separately, and with no over heads like shops, can give you the best price! You can literally find a ring you love, and they can source it for you together, or get you an even bigger Rock for your money!



The Flowers

Flowerhouse – //flowerhouseuk.com

The amazing Gill from Flowerhouse in Stockton gave me this very wise piece of advice when it comes to both wedding suppliers and Flowers.

“My biggest piece of advice is if you know what suppliers you want to use, book them ASAP. Don’t be afraid of letting the suppliers know your budget and they can advise how spend it wisely.

In terms of flower advice it would be if possible speak to your florist the year before you get married in the same month as your wedding, all the flowers that are available for the wedding will be in season and you can see how your flowers will look.”

The Cake

I spoke to the wonderful Debbie Gillespie of Debbie Gillespie Cake Design – Bespoke Wedding Cake Designer for some advice for you guys, she definitely knows what she its talking about when it comes to both advice and cakes!


“Your wedding, your rules!! Don’t be tempted to make your wedding all about other people or pretty images from Pinterest – make it personal and reflective of your lives together. It will resonate with your guests and make the whole planning experience a lot more enjoyable. I personally love it when couples want to include their children/pets or shared interests and the cake is the ideal opportunity to be bold and have a little fun.”

“Firstly consider your budget – there is no point doing research on a company who way exceeds it. Secondly, do your homework and check a supplier’s website and social media to look at previous work/testimonials and that their style fits with your own. Thirdly, don’t be afraid to ask questions – any supplier worth their sort will not hesitate to answer them honestly and truthfully.”


Venue Styling

I reached out the the amazing Ambience Venue Styling York for some advice on the perfect Decor for a wedding, these guys are amazing and certainly know their stuff. Laura says this:

“Once you’ve picked your venue and you’ve set a date, it’s time to start planning your styling and decor! When having your show round at the venue, make a note of the colours and furnishings used in the room.

Take pictures of the space and height of the ceilings so you can visualise the flow and get a good understanding of the key areas you’d like to focus on. High ceilings showcase tall centrepieces at their finest whilst patterned carpets may look better teamed with a more neutral colour palette.

When selecting colours, use a palette that best compliments the room but also works with the season in which you’ll be married. Working with seasonal items, particularly when it comes to flowers, will make your styling much more cost effective.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative – styling has evolved so much over the years that you can be as bold as you want!”

When looking for Venue Stylists couples should be finding a stress free process where clients are literally guided through their style journey! Experienced stylists with a friendly and inspirational approach towards achieving your dream wedding day!”

Bride Styling

My best mate Katy from “What Katy Did Next” (She carries a bag around with my name on it) gave this amazing advice for you couples. She makes the most beautiful jewellery and accessories by hand, and I think you’ll be blown away when you check them out!

“Don’t be afraid to go Bespoke – if there is something you want, ask for it! A lot of my Brides love my designs but perhaps a tweak here and there would make it perfect for them, some Brides love my style but they have a completely crazy idea and are nervous to ask because of the price tag that comes with ‘Bespoke’!
This isn’t always the case – I love taking on Bespoke clients and the prices often dont differ drastically to those of my existing pieces, I’m happy to help and dying to make your wedding dream complete. And it’s not just me, there are tons of suppliers that love an individual couple and are happy to help you where they can. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!
What Katy Did Next is a Bridal Headwear label based in North East England run by me, Katy! I specialise in creating pieces for the truly individual bride with a passion for accessories, a love of fashion and a desire for something completely handmade and unique.”




Gray Starling offer such beautiful stationary, from place settings to invitations, you definitely need to take a look at their beautiful work.

Carolyn says this “Couples come to us for something a bit different and a personal hands on experience. More often than not we hold consultations either in person or over the video call, you really need to set your eyes on our box of samples. When your guests receive your Wedding invitation they need to be receiving part of your soul, something they’ve never seen before you want to wow them! First impressions are so important.”

She also has the perfect tip for making the most of your wedding day.

“It’s really easy to get bogged down with what everyone else wants, including family. Remember it’s your day, unleash a bit of personality and get creative, get that ska band you saw recently, hang crystal chandeliers from the trees, wear a coloured dress or even a chic trouser suit, break tradition! Have fun! Always ask for help if you need it, even if you don’t order with us we’ll always offer expert advice and point you in the right direction.”

Have a look at their beautiful work: www.graystarling.com


Your Name in Lights

I always know instantly when I walk into a wedding if its Coco Luminaire lighting the place up. Their lights are not only always awesome, they have a HUGE range of cool slogans and fancy neon signs to meet your needs.

Laura from Coco Luminaire says this about looking for light up letters:

“When booking Illuminated props, I would recommend looking at the size and style of your wedding venue and see what will fit best from our wide collection. We have a range of small and large signs, from neons to Illuminated hearts and letters; some suit venues better than others due to the size and space in the room. If you are unsure don’t hesitate to get in touch we can always send you across images of inspiration in your venue.”

I also asked what a good tip for a bride and groom would be to have a stress free day.

“My number 1 tip has to be make your wedding day about you both. Pick the food, drinks, decor, music that makes you happy. Don’t worry about doing things just to make your guests happy. If you are happy they will be happy!”

Find out more here: www.cocoluminaire.co.uk


Well, when it comes to wedding photography I obviously went to one of the bestest coolest gingers in the game. Me!

I think when it comes to suppliers, you want someone who can deliver what you want, but mainly that you get on with. You want to be able to discuss your plans and for them to love them and be able to meet your expectations.

When it comes to photos on your wedding day, just chill out, we got this. If you’ve hired a photographer with plenty of experience theres nothing to worry about. You’ve obviously liked their pictures and they will know what they are doing, so don’t worry about sending them a list of “shots” that you want them to get, just let them do their thing, thats the reason you hired them any way!

Again make sure you are hiring someone you can get on with and can get in touch with any time if you have burning questions or ideas. I’m regularly replying to emails and texts from couples at 11pm (you know who you are) discussing their wedding which is still months away and I love it, I love people feel comfortable enough to do that with me!


I worked with two great videographers recently, both of them were great guys, and really knew their art so I asked both of them for advice. They’re both from different coasts too so you are pretty much well covered for video up North!


Northwest Wedding Videos & Films – www.northwestweddingvideos.co.uk
Ben: “I think my number 1 tip is to just have fun! hang out with your soulmate and family/friends. If you guys are enjoying it, everyone on will be! & it will shine through in your wedding video.”
“Check out a suppliers facebook page! for me, all my latest work gets posted up there. My style is very unobtrusive and am all about capturing thoughts little natural moments. Most of my couples comment on how they hardly noticed me at the wedding, I’m like a ginger ninja.”


We Were Here – www.wewerehereuk.com
“Relax and trust your Photographer/Videographer. Allow us to work creatively, we will insure you get the best images possible.
There’s lot of Wedding Videographers to choose from now so find a style you like first of all, but also choose someone that won’t intrude on your day. Being able to work discreetly is a big thing for me.
My style of shooting is documentary style; I aim to capture things naturally. I don’t like to set things up or do anything that will take you away from enjoying your day. I believe the best moments are caught as they happen rather than if they’re staged and if i’m doing my job right you shouldn’t really know I’m there.

That way you both can get on with enjoying your day and not have to worry too much about myself with the camera. Remember its your wedding day, not a video/photo shoot!”


Suit Up!


I see many dapper lads at weddings, and Bakers Tailoring is a name I hear on the regular (we even did a photoshoot together where my picture of one of their suits was the Magazines FRONT COVER).

They certainly know their craft, and when it comes to style they won’t fail to make you looks dressed to impress.

Paul – “Grooms need to listen to opinion of the bride, often the suit choice isn’t just about bridesmaid colour, but the whole wedding theme which generally grooms no nothing about.

Experience is important when it comes to suits, some one with the knowledge to fit you correctly, in todays market its often not about what you Measure but how the client likes a garment to fit”

The Dresses

I reached out to the wonderful Bex of Bex Brides for some advice on choosing the right suppliers and enjoying your day. I know I’ve had numerous brides from Bex who have all felt and looked amazing in their dresses from Bex.

Bex Brideshttps://www.eclecticbrides.co.uk

Bex: “Decide what are the most important things to you for your wedding, stick to it. Do not be pressed by others to either compromise or add elements that are not important to you. Have a day surrounded by those who you love and who love you! Most of a don’t sweat the small stuff. Just enjoy every moment from engagement to the last dance!
Find a supplier that “gets you ” there is a perfect supplier for every aspect of your wedding wether you have a modest budget or a massive one. Use social media to reach out and get recommendations.”


Made up with your Make up

The awesome Anna Cordelia Mason wrote this perfect tip for brides to be:

“Look after your skin in the build up to your wedding, taking time to relax, remembering that too much stress will show through in your skin Leave at least a week between a facial and your wedding day, giving your skin time to settle Invest some time in your brows by either committing to grow them out if there over plucked and having then professionally shaped.

This really can redefine your face! . For touch ups, ask an attendant to keep a small mirror, lipstick and blotting paper in their purse. Blotting paper will absorb excess oil that causes shine and is a better alternative to reapplying more powder as over the day this can become cakey.

Waterproof mascara… of course! And if you do shed a tear remember to ‘dab’ with a tissue don’t wipe!”

She also gave this advice for when looking for a make up artist:

“I’m a makeup artist but really my business is all about customer service, with a real emphasis on the customer. Communication and reliability and the confidence my customers gain from this are invaluable. For a bride that is not confident with makeup but knows she wants to look her most polished and radiant having their makeup professionally applied will be invaluable. Even if she is more than makeup savvy, bridal makeup has to fill a vast criteria such as longevity, photogenic and being lighting friendly.

There’s a such a fine balance between looking fantastic in both photographs and real life. A bride will pick up lots of tips and tricks about products, while learning about colours and dispelling any makeup myths!

Finally, nerves! Even as a makeup artist I chose to have a trusted colleague perform my own wedding day makeup, emotions are running high and hands are shaking! A good makeup artist will bring a sense of calm to the preparations.
Check out her work here! www.cordeliaandco.com

Hair Do

I recently met the girls from Mirror Mirror when we done a Styled Photo Shoot at Crook Hall and Gardens in Durham. They were amazing! You’ll be able to see some of the pictures in a blog post soon!

Mirror Mirror Durham – Mirror Mirror
Lauren: “Take a moment to stop for a minute during your day….have a good look around and enjoy that very moment that all your hard work and planning has paid off and everyone is there for you to celebrate your special day.
We are a small and very friendly hair service with very experienced stylists that will go up and beyond on your wedding morning to make you look amazing and feel at total ease.”

Travel in Style

Campbell Wedding Cars –

“My main advice to couples looking for transport is never book from a photograph. You really need to see the car in person so you don’t get any nasty surprises on your big day. Also try not to be focused to much on price. Sometimes for the sake of £50 you could have had a car in better condition with a more professional service.
Check there isn’t any restrictions on time. You don’t want to be rushed with your photos because your car wants to leave.”


Eat Me

I can personally vouch for Baba Ganoush that their food is delicious, because they kept bringing me little Canapes over recently and went right up in my good books!

Baba Ganoush Catering Ltd. – www.babaganoushdining.com
Ashley – “Planning your big day is so exciting but can also become quite consuming! Make time for each other during the planning process. Have a date night and a wedding planning night… Wedding Wednesdays!
Weddings are extremely personal and it is so important that we as a caterer earn your trust. We like to build a connection with our client tonensure that trust becomes one of the main factor in the wedding planning process. We are here to make your day as special and stress free as possible.”


Daytime Music

My main man and fellow ginger, who played songs at my request and entertained for an entire day gave this lovely piece of advice for couples, both about their wedding day and about looking for a good musician!”

Gareth Beddard – Gareth Beddard and Co.

“Relax and enjoy every moment of the day as it will fly past! Take it all in your stride!

You should look for experienced musicians who have good etiquette. Think about the ambience for your day, live music whether background or foreground creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your guests. Budget well for your live music, use professionals and make it a night to remember for all!”

The Band

Last Anthem are an amazing band to see in person, whether thats at a wedding, or at one of their many gigs, you won’t fail to be amazed. Especially if they are getting the bride up on the chair dancing whilst playing their guitars on top of tables all over the room.

If you’re looking for a band Last Anthem say the main thing you want to be looking for when booking is a professional service, a great attitude, lots of experience and a willingness to advise and go the extra mile. Makes sense right!?

These guys have played loads of weddings and say this about having a stress free day:

“Remember it’s 100% YOUR day, so do things the way YOU want to do them! Don’t open a can of worms by bowing down to other peoples requests (prime examples include guests wanting to bring children, mothers and fathers wanting you to invite family members you never see and probably won’t see again…) do things exactly the way you want them and indulge yourself. The people around you need to remember it’s your day and all about you, so they should all be prepared to sacrifice a little if needs be!”

Check them out here: www.lastanthem.co.uk


That’s Entertainment

If you’re looking to keep guests busy and entertained on an evening, Vegas Casino Hire offer some awesome options like their Roulette Tables

Vegas Casino Hire – www.vegascasinohire.co.uk

Gary – “Don’t stress about who to invite during the day. Lets be honest people just want the evening entertainment. Plus evening guests are cheaper!
Reviews. In life you get what you pay for. There is always people who can offer services cheaper. Look at the pictures. Look at how often they are working. If they are good they are always busy. Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more”

That’s Magic!

I’ve seen Andy Larmouth in action a few times, and he blows me away each time. (Within the first minute of meeting him he pulled the card I was thinking of out of a pack).

He has given an amazing piece of advice for couples to be happy on their wedding day.

“Aside from making sure their guests have the best possible entertainment through the day 😉 I would say something that brides and grooms often forget is to take a moment once or twice thought the day to step back and take it in. All too often there is so much to do and so many people to speak to that they blink and the day is over. So my advice would be to take a few moments every now and then and just hold each other and look around at your friends and loved ones smiling and having fun and really try to be present in that moment.”

Andy also has some imperative advice for when people are looking to book a magician and finding the right one for them.

“Brides and grooms should be looking for a personal service. Meet and chat to make sure that they are a good fit together. And of course that they are professional, have good reviews or even better, personal recommendations, and that things like deposits are taken, contracts are used and public liability is in place. I would like to think when people book me, they are not booking ‘A magician’ but booking Andy Larmouth”

Be amazed: www.andylarmouth.com


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