Tips for having Sparklers for Weddings


So, You’re thinking of having Sparklers at your wedding?

Is it a good idea…?

The good news is… YES!

Sparklers for Weddings

I’ll be honest, I absolutely LOVE doing sparkler pictures at a wedding, whether its just the two of you having them in your couples pictures, or having a sparklers exit or send off from the wedding reception at the end of the night. They make an amazing addition to your pictures, they look great, and everybody loves fireworks right!?

I’ve made this little post to give you five tips for having sparklers for weddings them on the day, since through my experience I’ve picked up what to, and what NOT to do.

Number one might seem obvious, but seems to happen when its the end of the night and there is a sparkler exit.

sparklers for a wedding


Honestly, right now you’re probably thinking yeah sparklers are fun but can be dangerous, we should totally be careful. 8 hours of drinking later, people are just like “Yeyyyy sparklers”.

Just be aware drunk people have no boundaries, I was getting tapped on the head with a sparkler by one guest at a wedding in Durham last year.



Totally obvious I know, but look at your timings, think about when the sun sets, what time is it going to get dark? Will you have time to fit the sparklers photos in, or will you have to wait until the end of the night instead and have a sparkler exit.

In the middle of summer it barely gets dark, so sparklers is an end of the night thing. Winter time its dark by 5pm so you could do your sparklers three times through the evening if you want!


bride and groom with sparklers at night



Yeah that’s right “How many Sparklers do I need for my wedding?” might seem like the obvious question, but eighty wedding guests gathered around four lighters doesn’t work great, and the first persons sparkler will be finished before the last persons is lit.

Either buy a lighter for every two sparklers (They’re pretty cheap in bulk, we’ve all seen the ten lighters for a pound guy) or buy some big candles and put them in bowls/plant pots and let every body stick there sparklers in there to light them at the same time.



If you’re having a sparkler exit make sure there is enough room for everybody to fit in. Think about it this way:

There is going to be people on either side of you waving sticks of fire at your faces as the two of you walk past them, is there enough room?

Makes Sense right? You want two lines of people with enough space for you to walk down the centre together. Think about your venue and where you will be able to do this.

You should also check with the venue if there is somewhere that they will be happy for this to take place.



That’s right guys, if its raining, that’s not a good thing for fire. The good news is, sparklers burn crazy hot, so they will stay lit in the heaviest of rain, that means it down to you.

If you guys are happy to get wet for awesome pictures, I’m more than willing to take photos in the rain!


Lets round up those top tips of Sparklers for Weddings


  • Be careful about who you let have sparklers (kids are better than drunk people)
  • Wait for the lighting to be just right
  • Plenty of flames are a must!
  • Make sure you have plenty of space for everyone to gather round or make two lines for you to walk down
  • Sparklers will stay lit in the rain!
  • Bonus tip…



That’s right, you can buy longer burner sparklers (Extra Long). These will be especially useful for example if you’re going to be giving sparklers to around 80+ people and you want to talk down between two lines of them (imagine a confetti line you walk down, but with fire) you don’t want the some peoples to burnt out before others have even lit there’s, or before you’ve gotten to the end of the line.

Getting extra long sparklers will guarantee those lush wedding pictures with plenty of sparkles. We’ve even had chance to go down the line, and then back up for pictures with this version.

Have a look online to find the best place to order your sparklers for weddings, and go with a trusted supplier, that has good reviews.

I hope these tips have been super helpful, and that you’ll get to use this advice to get the best wedding pictures!

Check out some more of my recent wedding photos by having a look at the Blog!

All the love

Daz Mack x


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A Quick Round up of Frequently Asked Questions

How many sparklers do I need for my wedding?

This depends on whether you want a small group of people with Sparklers, usually the bridal party and family. The other option is buying a sparkler for every wedding guest, that way you could have it the same as a confetti line, where the newly married couple can walk through an aisle of people waving sparklers.

When should I use sparklers at my wedding?

bride and groom with sparklers at night

If you want to have a sparkler send off, its best to do those at the end of the night when the venue is closing. Its best to check this is okay with the venue first though incase they want you to finish a littler earlier. If you don't want a sparkler send off then you can do the sparklers at any time on the evening, although the darker the better.

What else do I need for sparklers at my wedding?

Remember, It's going to be difficult to try and light 80 sparklers with only 4 lighters. So lots of flames is a must! I usually reckon lots of lighters, and also some candles in jars, once a few sparklers are lit, everyone else can start lighting their sparklers from those.

What type of sparklers do I need for my wedding?

The best sparklers are the longest lasting sparklers. That way you know you will have plenty of opportunity for pictures with everyone, as the sparklers will last a long time. It might also be a good option to look at different colour sparklers if you have a certain colour theme for your day.

Are Wedding Sparklers Dangerous?

Only if people are drunk! Remember, I had someone tapping me on the head with one! Just make sure everyone is sensible, people get crazy around fire and pyrotechnics!

How do you light sparklers at a wedding?

You don't want the sparklers to go out before some people have theirs lit, so lots of lighters and candles in jars will really help to make sure everyone is lighting their sparklers at the same time.