Harrogate Wedding Photographer // Its My Birthday!

Yo! Aw man, what a day to spend my birthday! Not only at one of my favourite venues, but with a lush couple!

I knew when Rob and Rebecca first got in touch that they were going to be lovely, and they were! These guys got married at Wharfedale Grange, and had a gorgeous day with gorgeous weather!

They even bought me a Mint Aero birthday cake, which was INCREDIBLE!

Wharfedale Grange

“We chose Wharfedale Grange because it just had everything we needed and it was so stunning. Plus it had the ‘wow’ factor (#owenwilson) that nowhere else had.

We didn’t really have a theme for the day, but we just wanted to keep everything relaxed so everyone could enjoy it”


Harrogate Wedding Photographer

“We have 3 favourite parts of the day – if that’s poss! In chronological order:

Number 1 was getting ready with all my gals and family, and watching people arriving (with a cheeky glass of prosecco).

Number 2 was the actual ceremony, as it was so magical and so fab to be actually married!

Number 3  was the first dance, even though we nearly didn’t have one – all the official bits were over and we were super relaxed and happy, with a good few dancing hours left. I also loved the best man/father of the bride speeches, and everyone getting to know everyone who they’d heard of but not met… I will stop now.

We loved getting our pictures taken!

I think keeping the official photos to a minimum is a good idea as they consume so much time and personally I think the best ones are impromptu ones.

Having an idea of the most logical order of the photos too saves faffing. Maybe give certain people a heads up if they’re in the shot or not so they’re not awkwardly lurking wondering if they’ll be called forward (other halves of cousins/relatives for eg who may not be too sure).”


What would be your top tip for a future couple?


Photo wise – pick you (obvs) and go for the full day package as it was so worthwhile having the shots from getting ready etc.

In general – set up the day before if possible, this helped us out hugely.

Supplier Love

Dress Designer and Retailer: Angela Biggs’ A Stitch In Time in Hull
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Marks and Spencer’s!
Hair and Makeup:
Alison Martin + Joanne Abbishaw 
Leafy Couture
Ted Baker for Rob’s, ushers all sourced their own.
Hog & Apple
Anyone else you’d like to thank (Music, magicians, DJ’s, etc)  – DJ Mark Green!! & Just Folk from High Row Music.


Harrogate Wedding Pictures

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