Who Is Daz Mack !?

Spoiler Alert: It’s Me!

There Goes My Hero

Daz did our wedding photos and I can’t tell you how great he was and how amazing the photos are!!

We knew we didn’t want the stereotypical cheesey shots since neither of us like photos being taken of us so Daz had quite a challenge on his hands!!

When I got to see the photos I was blown away with how fantastic they were and natural looking, I couldn’t have asked for more and I felt I was reliving our day all over again!

Daz himself was also fantastic, such a nice guy and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him any day all day!


Ohhhh about me, so much amazingness to write…

I’m a golden haired photographer from the North East, I used to get called Ed Sheeran at every single wedding I photographed, until I got a hair cut and grew a beard.

I’ve heard people still go up to Ed Sheeran and ask him “Oh my god, are you Daz Mack?”

My Mrs Pip bought me my first ever camera about ten years ago, and we have a little boy called Nate and a little girl called Layla.

I’ve owned a guitar for 14 years and I can only play one song.

I like to read, play computer games, and binge on TV programmes and Movies. We also love going out and camping whenever we can!

Sometimes I make plans in my head of what to do in a Zombie Apocalypse.

I’m a really nice guy, and I make getting your picture taken super fun and easy. There is going to be no awkward posing for the camera and I’m definitely not going to take over the day arranging people to smile in order.

I’m all about those natural pictures. The ones where your family and friends are laughing and having a good time, maybe with one or two Kick Ass, Jaw Dropping pictures of the two of you thrown in, to blow everyone’s minds. ‘Cos everyone likes that, right?

You might see other photographers mention how they blend in to the back ground and go unnoticed at a wedding. Well… I’m kinda the opposite (in a good way!)

I’m going to be with you guys on one of the most important day of yours lives.

I’ve photographed over 100 weddings in the eight years that I’ve been doing this, so I kinda know what I’m doing by now!

I’m not going to be some guy who just turns up and does a job, we are going to be friends!

We are gonna have some laughs, your parents are going to LOVE me, and your guests aren’t going to be worried about having a camera shoved in their face all day.

Sound Good!? Get in Touch!

” You are an absolute legend, you’ve got everyone in my house crying! The photos are unreal thank you so much! X “


I love what I do so much. I love becoming friends with my couples and seeing them get married, I love how each wedding can be so different and so amazing, and I especially love making people cry with how amazing my pictures are (Happy Cry Obvs).

Im gonna get those stunning shots that will make jaws drop and I’m going to keep capturing those moments that will make you laugh whenever you look back at them, like hiding behind a car outside of church because some of your guests are late, or you crying with laughter because your dad just nailed his speech.