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Well. What the hell can I say about this? A Wedding in a bloody cinema, not only that though, its followed by one of my favourite Newcastle wedding venues – “As You Like It“!!! What a day!

I met Dan and Carl at Tyneside Cinema, where they were getting ready together upstairs, while guests arrived downstairs.

After the wedding, we got use of the spotlight and cinema screen for some photos, and its a pretty amazing backdrop. We then walked together through the city to the amazing As You Like It in Jesmond, a really cool and quirky venue. You seriously need to take note of a couple of things from this wedding, one is How AMAZING the cake it and the other is Karaoke can be ANYWHERE.


The Wedding


Dan and Carl got married on Wednesday 7th February, thats right, I work fast. Here’s a bit about why they chose that date, which is lovely!

“The 7th February is the date we first met. Not only that, but we both said how we always would have preferred a winter wedding. We knew that we had to get married on this date although initially we didn’t like the idea of having a mid week wedding, we soon fell in love with the idea when we realised the discount you get mid week! Top tip there for anyone trying to stick to a budget.

First day of my life, a song by Bright Eyes played a huge part in our day and as corny as it sounds, myself and Carl refer to this date as being just that. The first day of our lives.”


Tyneside Cinema Wedding Venue


Tyneside Cinema is such a cool wedding venue, its right in the city centre, and it is actually really is a Cinema, they just happen to do weddings too. Carl and Dan got married front and centre under the spotlight, but before arriving for their wedding, the played a montage of some of their favourite movies set to music on the big screen. This pretty much had the guests in tears straight away.

The minute we found out that Tyneside Cinema could be hired for wedding ceremonies, was the minute that we knew we had found our venue! Myself and Carl absolutely love going to the cinema, so much so that we go at least twice a week. Don’t get us wrong, we certainly aren’t film connoisseurs and neither of us could tell you who directed Titanic but the cinema is just something that we both really enjoy. During a brief stint at university, Tyneside cinema was a place I spent a lot of time and the decor is absolutely stunning. I have a huge fetish for anything Art Deco! If you’ve not been before, get yourself there. It is stunning.”


As You Like It – Jesmond


After the ceremony, and once we had some pictures of everyone under the spotlight (especially when they through popcorn instead of confetti) we walked through the City to As You Like It. I love this place, and I’ve shot here a few times before. Everything is so cool and it looks amazing every time.

“A Funny story about this one. We attended a wedding fare here to try and scout cake makers and flowers and such from businesses based in Newcastle as it would have been so much easier than getting stuff transported up there. The fare started at 2pm, after getting there super early we decided to book in for Sunday lunch. Wolfed it down because it was so god damn tasty and we were done with time to spare. We decided to take a little wander around the surrounding area and after about 10 minutes of aimless walking we both looked at each other and said “we didn’t pay for that food” absolute idiots. We walked back, paid, had another drink and then it was finally time for the fare. As soon as we entered the room downstairs we fell in love. The decor was amazing, size was perfect for the small number of guests we knew we were having. Price was incredible and the we knew the food was going to be good because we had sampled it upstairs.

We came away from the fare having booked a venue and no contact details for anyone that we had actually wanted to get from the trip. The venue was perfect!!

Our Theme for the day was FILMS! How could we not have a film theme after getting married in a cinema??

It seemed extremely appropriate to have this as a theme throughout the wedding. There is a fine line between having a theme/style and then having a cheesey themed party. Safe to say we succeeded in not going over the top. The tables were named after iconic films, the cake was film themed and the invitations were vintage cinema tickets. Not too themed. Perfect balance.”


About the Wedding Day


I asked Dan and Carl to tell me a little about the day, I obviously loved it and could just spout on about that for a few paragraphs, but i thought it would be better in their own words.

“The pictures was something I was really worried about, and looking back I don’t know why I ever was. It was the most natural thing ever. You’re so in the zone that it’s not even slightly worrying.

Daz Mack was the perfect photographer for us. We didn’t even realise he was there the majority of the time. We had already discussed with him how we didn’t want to do those whole traditional photos, and he didn’t even try to do them on the day. He listened intently and done every thing we asked and more. Our photos are absolutely outstanding and we can’t thank him enough. If you’re worried about having your photos taken, give your head a wobble and book Daz Mack. You will not be disappointed.

Neither of us can pick a favourite part of the day. People always say how your wedding day is the best day of your life and we were both extremely skeptical about this, however it is so true. It was without a doubt the best day of our lives and i don’t think either of us would be able to pick just one part. So instead, I’ll tell you about my least favourite part, and how wrong I was for thinking it at the time. THE MORNING!!!

It is absolutely terrifying for no reason whatsoever other than your own mind telling you it is. As soon as the ceremony starts you forget about everything. It’s perfect from then on and all that pointless worrying is banished. Don’t worry, enjoy it.


The best tip we could give would be go with your gut. If you want it, get it. If you want to hire someone, hire them. Don’t argue with yourself over your choices and enjoy the process of planning. It’s all over in a flash. Take time out and make it a pleasurable experience.”


End Credits (See what I did there)


The cake was made by a close friend, Sally. She does bake on the side. Spellbound Bakery on instagram. Check her out. I knew she was good but I didn’t know she was THAT good.

Buttonholes were from Diana Kaye florist in Fenwicks.

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popcorn fight between guests at tyneside cinema wedding
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